Department Laptop

Check Out

The Biology Department maintains a laptop in the Biology Department main office (221 Morrill Science Center, Building 3, South) which is available by Reservation.

In the Bag

In the bag, please find a computer, a power adapter, and two dongles that can connect to either a DVI or VGA connector. Please ensure that these are all returned to the bag before returning the computer.

Using the Computer

The laptop should log in automatically when started.

Look under the Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Display Preferences to configure the display. Look under "Arrangement" to set "Mirror Displays", if necessary.

Available Software

The laptop contains the same software as in the BCRC, including Microsoft Office 2008, 2011, Open Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and many other packages.

When you're done

Please shut down the laptop, place the laptop in the main compartment, the power cord in the adjacent compartment, and ensure that both dongles are in the pouch.