583- Advanced Genetics

Advanced Genetics is an in-depth exploration of the latest genetic innovations, tailored for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. It covers classical, molecular, and quantitative genetics and genomics, focusing on topics like transmission genetics, heterosis, polyploidy and mutations, transposons and retrotransposons, gene expression, chromatin, centromeres, and telomeres, and noncoding RNAs. Students will also explore personalized medicine, gene manipulation, and DNA editing. The course utilizes lectures, discussions, and original literature readings to provide a multifaceted learning experience, offering a deep understanding of genetics as both a scientific discipline and a practical toolkit for biological research.. Prerequisite: Biology/Biochem/AnimSci 311with grade of C or higher.

Offered Spring Semesters Only

Biology Core Requirement Area: 
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Plant requirement: 
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