579--Developmental Neurobiology (3 cr)

Prerequisites: Grade C or better in both BIOL/ANSC/BIOCHEM 285 and PSYCH 330 or BIOL 372.

This course is designed for upper-level undergraduate, honors, and graduate students interested in development of the nervous system. It will provide the fundamentals of the discipline as well as investigate the guiding principles and research methods of Developmental Neurobiologists through lectures and discussions. It covers the field of developmental neurobiology from neural induction to the modification of neuronal connections in the adult nervous system. Research using a variety of invertebrate and vertebrate model organisms will be used to demonstrate the rules by which nervous systems develop. The course takes an experimental, inquiry-based approach to the field, using primarily a molecular, cellular, and systems approach. This course is complementary to Developmental Biology, but overlaps little due to the exclusive concentration of this course on the nervous system.

Offered Spring Semesters Only

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