This is an introductory course designed to familiarize students with the diversity of fishes. We will provide an overview of the biology, evolution and ecology of fishes. A phylogenetic approach will be used to look at major primitive to advanced fish groups. No prior coursework is required to take this course, but students are expected to have a general biology background and be enthusiastic in learning about this diverse group of organisms. The textbook to be used is “The Diversity of Fishes” by Helfman, Collete and Facey 2004. Only selected portions of the text will be required during the course. The lab is designed to supplement the lecture course with hands-on dissection, anatomy of preserved specimens and dry skeletons and identification of major lineages. 1 essay exam, final, 2 lecture quizzes, 2 lab practicals.

Biology Core Requirement Area: 
Evolution and Biodiversity
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