476 - Evolutionary Genomics and Bioinformatics (3 cr)

Prerequisites: Grade C or better in BIOL 151 or 161 H AND BIOL 152 or 162H.

This course deals with evolutionary processes on molecular and genetic levels. Topics include the use of genomic data to detect natural selection, the evolution of genome size and structure, speciation, the evolution of sex, and genomic conflict. The course consists of computer-based bioinformatics lab sessions (including an introduction to Python) which provide training in analytical methods related to detecting genetic variation, phylogenetics and comparative genomics alternating with discussions of papers from the scientific literature.

Offered Spring Semesters Only - Offered Spring 24, Will NOT be offered Spring 25

Biology Core Requirement Area: 
Evolution and Biodiversity
Plant requirement: 
Lab Requirement: 
General Education Requirement: