383H--Gene & Genome Analysis

In this class we will discuss concepts and applications of modern DNA technology including an introduction to the basic concepts pertaining to the emerging field of genomics. We will begin by describing key molecular methods (cloning, sequencing, blotting, PCR) and how they are used in gene analysis. We will then move on to consider how entire genomes are analyzed, and will familiarize ourselves with some of the basic bioinformatics' tools that are commonly used by working biologists. Finally we will consider the methods used to manipulate genomes as a means to determining gene function. This course is intended for sophomores and juniors, and should serve as a bridge between 200-level courses and more advanced, specialty courses (e.g., 500-level courses). Prerequisite: Biology/BMB/AnSci 285.

Offered Fall Semesters Only - NOT offered Fall 2023, Will be offered Fall 2024

Biology Core Requirement Area: 
Genetics and Molecular Biology
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