105--Biology of Social Issues

Microbial diversity is integral in keeping us healthy. We will explore these invisible fellow travelers and learn who they are, what they are doing, and what happens when things go awry with our microbiome.  This is a lower level course that will not assume any prior knowledge. This is a writing intensive class and will spend some of our time learning how to write about scientific topics, as well as evaluating what we find in the literature, including newspapers, science magazines and the primary literature used by scientists. I will employ a diverse array of evaluation methods so that you should feel confident that you will have the chance to show what knowledge and skills you have gained from the class. These methods will include in class quizzes using smart phone technology, out of class Moodle quizzes that you can repeat as many times as you wish, formal exams, and writing activities.  (Gen.Ed. BS)

Offered Spring Semesters Only - Will NOT be offered Spring 2025

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