Request form for a computer account in Morrill

Use this form to request an account from the Morrill computer support staff. Your e-mail account should be set up within 24 hours. Users who have a NetID will be able to set their password via the web form on . Please see Penny Jaques (319) if you are an OEB graduate student; or Maryanne Wells if you are in the Microbiology department. For staff and graduate students in Biology or in Geosciences you will receive a form in your mailbox giving account information and instructions for setting up your email client on your workstation.

Enter full name.
Please list the name of the PI you are working with.
Room and building (e.g. 311 Morrill III)
Room number and building (e.g. 311 Morrill III)
If you have a UMass NetID, please indicate it here. This is NOT your numeric campus ID. It is your campus email name such as jsmith for example.
If you have an UMass NetID, use that. The maximum length for an e-mail name is 12 characters (the same as the maximum NetID).
Please indicate how we should contact you if there are questions. (Enter a telephone number only if there is not other way to contact you.)