Lohitha Madhireddy

Excellent, GO UMASS

Matthew Rubin

Thanks Mom and Dad couldn't have made it through without you!

Matthew Rubin

This made it all worth it!!

Susana Wolf

My third chocolate fountain serving!

John Sullivan

Thanks to my family for all the support they've given me on this journey #blessed

Joshua Rafferty

Lohitha Madhireddy

Dakota Nambu

Jasmine Pierre

The research and other opportunities I've had here have been instrumental to my success.

Izzul Ikram

I'd just like to say thank you to all of my professors over the years.

Akaansha Rampal

Marika Pajewska

NAP Still Rocks!

Marika Pajewska

NAP Lab Rocks!

Jesús Mallol Díaz

Go UMass!

Ana and Susana

UMass food rocks! We love the chocolate fountain!

Michael Robert Magnant

really good, thanks!
what more is there to say?
incredibly well rounded experience, the majority of the learning doesn't even happen in the classrooms or labs. fully immersing yourself in everything that this campus has to offer; whether it be the diversity, multitude of cultures, recreational activities, or whatever just brings some light into your day leads to a change in your lifetime that is worth it ten times out of ten.
(shout out to Totman free swim!)

Joseph Lagner

Hi Joey

Alexis Feltrin


no comment. Good Luck!

Kate Dorfman

Here I am trying to be the IT staff.

Thom Nophis

Somehow I managed to slide through!

Muffy J. Scorpion

Stingy is as stingy does.

W.E.B. D.B. Peregrine, Jr.

Great view. Nurturing environment. Can't wait to get my wings and fly off the edge. Meanwhile, watch out for my Dadinator, and come check me out at http://www.library.umass.edu/falcons.

Rufus P. Tardigrade

Hanging on by my tarsal claws!