Current Faculty

Below is an alphabetical listing of Current Biology faculty. Please note you can search by first or last name. All of Biology faculty are affiliated with at least one of the four interdisciplinary graduate programs and you can limit your search to only those faculty affiliated with a particular program. In addition, you can search for only those faculty who can chair graduate student Masters or PhD committees. And you can combine these criteria to further limit your search.

Name Title Research Interests
Lynn Adler


Ecology and Evolution of Insect-Plant Interactions

Madelaine E. Bartlett

Professor/Director of Natural History Collections

Plant Evo-Devo

Tobias Baskin


Regulation of Plant Morphogenesis During Growth & Development

Ana L. Caicedo


Plant Molecular Evolution and Evolutionary Genomics

Michelle Facette

Assistant Professor

Plant Biology

Samuel P. Hazen


Regulatory Genomics of Plant Growth

Elsbeth Walker


Plant Genetics and Physiology