Current Faculty

Below is an alphabetical listing of Current Biology faculty. Please note you can search by first or last name. All of Biology faculty are affiliated with at least one of the four interdisciplinary graduate programs and you can limit your search to only those faculty affiliated with a particular program. In addition, you can search for only those faculty who can chair graduate student Masters or PhD committees. And you can combine these criteria to further limit your search.

Name Title Research Interests
Courtney C. Babbitt

Associate Professor of Biology and Commonwealth Honors College

Evolutionary Genomics

Elizabeth A. Connor

Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Development

Neuromuscular Junction: Development and Maintenance

Cristina Cox Fernandes

Lecturer/Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Diversity of Amazonian Fishes

Gerald B. Downes


Motor Behavior and Epilepsy

Karine Fenelon

Assistant Professor

Synaptic Transmission and Neural Circuits Underlying Sensory Information Filtering

Duncan J. Irschick


Functional Morphology, Evolution, and Behavioral Ecology

Elizabeth M. Jakob

Professor and Associate Dean for Student Success, Graduate School

Behavioral Ecologist

Abigail Jensen

Associate Professor

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Vertebrate Retinal Development and Retinal Disease

Rolf O. Karlstrom

Professor, Department Chair

Developmental Neurobiology: Axon Guidance and Forebrain Patterning

Paul S. Katz

Professor and Director of Neuroscience

Evolution, Development, and Function of Neural Circuits underlying Behavior

Sarah Pallas

Associate Professor

Developmental Neuroscience, Sensory Neurophysiology

Jeffrey Podos


Mechanisms and Evolution of Vertebrate Behavior; Bioacoustics

Elena Vazey

Associate Professor

Neuromodulation and Neurodegeneration