Below is an alphabetical listing of Emeritus Biology faculty. Please note you can search by first or last name. All of Biology faculty are affiliated with at least one of the four interdisciplinary graduate programs and you can limit your search to only those faculty affiliated with a particular program. In addition, you can search for only those faculty who can chair graduate student Masters or PhD committees. And you can combine these criteria to further limit your search.

Name Title Research Interests
Peter Alpert

Professor Emeritus

Plant Ecology and Conservation Science

William E. Bemis

Emeritus Professor

Phylogenetic Systematics And Anatomy of Fishes

Eric L. Bittman

Professor Emeritus

Circadian Rhythms, Reproduction, and Seasonal Changes in Brain Function

Margery C. Coombs

Emeritus Professor

Vertebrate Paleontology

Paul J. Godfrey

Emeritus Professor

Coastal Plant Ecology, Barrier Island Management, and Plant Geography

Peter K. Hepler

Emeritus Professor

The role of calcium, membranes and the cytoskeleton in cell division and development

Jody Jellison

Emeritus Professor

Plant Biology

Livija Kent

Retired Associate Professor

Bryology: Biology of Liverworts

Edward J. Klekowski

Emeritus Professor

Plant Genetics

Joseph G. Kunkel

UMass Professor Emeritus
Research Professor
University of New England, Biddeford ME

Pattern Formation and Development

Stuart D. Ludlam

Emeritus Associate Professor

Limnology and Paleoliminology

Arthur P. Mange

Emeritus Professor

Teaching of Human Genetics

David L. Mulcahy

Emeritus Professor

Genetic Basis for Adaptations in Plants

Rodney K. Murphey

Emeritus Professor

W. Brian O'Connor

Emeritus Professor

John D. Palmer

Emeritus Professor

Biological Rhythms in Intertidal Organisms

Alan M. Richmond

Retired Senior Lecturer


Bernard Rubinstein

Emeritus Professor

Plant Cell and Development

Lawrence M. Schwartz

Eugene M. and Ronnie Isenberg Professor of Integrated Science

Programmed Cell Death

Dennis G. Searcy

Emeritus Professor

Cellular Evolution and Physiology

Arthur I. Stern

Emeritus Professor

Plant Metabolism

James W. Walker

Emeritus Professor

Phylogeny, Classification and Evolutionary Phytogeography of Flowering Plants

Amanda Woerman

Assistant Professor

Neurodegeneration and Protein Misfolding

Chris L. Woodcock

Emeritus Professor

Nuclear Structure and Function

Gordon A. Wyse

Emeritus Professor

Neurotransmitters, Neuromodulators, and Behavior in Simpler Nervous Systems

R. Thomas Zoeller

Emeritus Professor

Thyroid Hormone Action on Brain Development and Environmental Disruption of Thyroid Hormone Action