About the Gallery


The Gallery of Biological Imagery contains photographs, micrographs, and other images created by students, faculty, and staff in the Biology Department. Members of the department are encouraged to submit imagery that will be considered for the gallery and may be selected to appear in the gallery, on the front page header, on the page headers in the rest of the site, or be used in other contexts for the department.


The value of an image of an image is greatly enhanced by including appropriate meta data. When you upload an image, please also include a thoughtful title, a description that briefly explains the subject of the image, and a summary of the methods or techniques that were used to create the image.

Upload an image

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Please upload the highest resolution image possible to provides the greatest flexibility in using the image. Images should be in JPEG or PNG format and must be at least 975x315 pixels.

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Please only upload imagery for which you own the appropriate copyrights.