Biology Course Accounts


Every student in every Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology course has had an account created for them that they can use in the BCRC, Intro labs, and ISB labs for login, authentication, printing, and file-sharing.

If you're taking a life science course that is not among those listed, you can request that we build accounts for your course as well.

Activating your account

To activate your account, visit:

You will be required to authenticate with your OIT NetID and can then set a password (either the same or different) to activate your account.

Note: Setting your password via this interface also sets your password for this account for the Chemistry/BBMB authentication system, used in the CRC and elsewhere.


Computers in the BCRC, Intro Labs, and ISB teaching labs use this account with a "print release system" to regulate printing. You receive a quota of 300 pages from the department and can request additional quota if necessary. Computers in the labs are configured to print to the printer that is in the room, but often can be directed to print to other printers nearby. Note that printing in the CRC is supported by the Chemistry BBMB technical staff and uses a different model for printing.