Thi Bui from Katz Lab Successfully Defends MS Thesis

Thi's thesis, entitled "Constructing single-neuron transcriptomes to explore cell diversity in Berghia stephanieae" is the culmination of her work at UMass. Thi has now moved to Boston to be a Research Technician in Ankur Jain's lab at MIT. Thi started in the Katz lab as an undergraduate, studying the circadian control of locomotion in the nudibranch, Berghia. For her MS thesis, she developed a technique for dissociating neurons from the brain. She then had the mRNA from the neurons sequenced using a 10x Genomics Chromium platform. Working with post-doc, Desmond Ramirez, she clustered the neurons based on gene expression. They are in the process of writing the manuscript to publish her findings.