Michelle Facette

Assistant Professor

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(Office) 413-577-9701 (Lab) 413-544-2656
375D Morrill IIII South

B.S., Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, 1998 Ph.D., Stanford University, 2008


University of California, 2013

Research Interests: 

Plant Biology

Representative Publications: 

Facette, MR, Park Y, Sutimantanapi D, Luo A, Cartwright, H, Yang, B Bennett EJ, Sylvester AW, and Smith LG. 2015. The SCAR/WAVE complex polarizes PAN receptors and promotes division asymmetry in maize. Nature Plants 1:14024.

Facette, MR, Shen Z, Briggs SP and Smith LG. 2013. Parallel proteomic and phosphoproteomic analyses of successive stages of maize leaf development Plant Cell 25:2798-2812.

McAllister CH, Facette, M, Holt A and Good AG. 2013. Analysis of the enzymatic properties of a broad family of alanine aminotransferases. PLoS One 8:e55032.

Facette, MR, and Smith LG. 2012. Division polarity in developing stomata. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 15:585-592.

Zhang X, Facette, M, Humphries JA, Shen Z, Park Y, Sutimantanapi D, Sylvester AW, Briggs SP and Smith LG. 2012. Identification of PAN2 by quantitative proteomics as a leucine-rich repeat-receptor-like kinase acting upstream of PAN1 to polarize cell division in maize. Plant Cell 24:4577–4589.

Facette, MR, Rasmussen, CG and Van Norman, JM. 2019. A plane choice: coordinating timing and orientation of cell division during plant development. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 47: 47-55.