Courtney C. Babbitt

Associate Professor of Biology and Commonwealth Honors College

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(413) 545-5574
362 Morrill IV South

B.A., Columbia University, 1999 Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2005


Duke University, 2006 - 2013

Research Interests: 

Evolutionary Genomics

My research is in evolutionary genomics and I am interested in changes in gene regulation over evolutionary time that impact phenotypic change. In particular, I investigate the evolution of cis-regulatory elements, the evolution of gene expression, and noncoding RNA at a genome-wide scale. I am also interested in functionally testing specific rapidly evolving cis-regulatory regions. My current research addresses these essential questions in evolutionary biology as they relate to genetic and phenotypic differences between humans and non-human primates. I integrate both computational and experimental approaches to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the functional changes involved in regulatory evolution and how they contribute to phenotypic evolution.

Representative Publications: 

Babbitt, C.C., Tung, J, Wray, G.A., Alberts, S.C. 2012. Changes in gene expression associated with reproductive maturation in wild female baboons. Genome Biology and Evolution, 4(2): 102-109.

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Runcie, D.E., Garfield, D.A., Babbitt, C.C., Wygoda, J.A., Mukherjee, S., Wray, G.A. 2012. Genetics of temperature stress responses in a sea urchin gene regulatory network. Molecular Ecology, 21(18): 4547-4562.

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