Arthur I. Stern

Emeritus Professor

Photograph of First Last

B.S., The City College, NY, 1953
Ph.D., Brandeis University, 1962


1962, Brandeis University
1963-1965, Weizmann Institute

Research Interests: 

Plant Metabolism

Regulation of Polyphenol Oxidase in Higher Plants

The enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO) may be the most primitive, nonspecific defense system found in eukaryotes. In plants, it is responsible for the browning of damaged tissues as seen in apple, banana, and potato. It has been estimated that half the world's fruit and vegetable crop is lost due to the post-harvest browning reactions involving PPO. In plants and animals, PPO is nuclear encoded and transited to a cytoplasmic organelle (such as chloroplasts in higher plants). Presently, we are attempting to isolate and characterize an endogenous inhibitor of PPO which eventually, via various genetic and biochemical approaches, may help increase the storage life of fruits and vegetables.

Other interests are redox activity associated with the plasma membrane of plant cells and assimilatory sulfate reduction in algae.

Representative Publications: 

Klekowski, E.J.,Jr., A.I. Stern, R. Lowenfeld, J. Corredor and J. Rougemont. 1996. Mangrove genetics V. Loss of capacity to oxidize phenols in thylakoidless mutants. Int. J. Sci. (submitted)

Weir, A.M., M.A. Schnitzler, T.A. Tattar, E.J. Klekowski, Jr. and A.I. Stern. 1996. Wound periderm development in red mangrove, Rhizophera mangleL. Int. J. Sci. 157: 63-70.

Tatter, T.A., E.J. Klekowski, Jr. and A.I. Stern. 1994. Dieback and mortality in red mangrove, Rhizophera mangle L., in southwest Puerto Rico. Aboricultural J. 18: 419-429.

Rubinstein, B. and A.I. Stern. 1991. The role of plasma membrane redox activity in light effects in plants. J. Bioenerg. Biomembr.23: 393-408.

Shiff, J.A., A.I. Stern and T. Saidha. 1993. Some molecular aspects of sulfate metabolism in photosynthetic organisms. In, Sulfur Nutrition and Sulfur Assimilation in Higher Plants. L.J. deKok, et al., SPB Academic Publications, The Hague, Netherlands br. pp. 21-35.