Single Molecule/ Live Cell Imaging Facility

Scheduled appointments for facility trained and approved users only. Make reservations using this Reservation System.

Please contact Prof. Patricia Wadsworth ( by email to schedule training and appointments for both systems.

Live Cell Imaging: Yokagawa Spinning Disc Confocal on a Nikon Ti system running Metamorph imaging software

Image shows a mammalian cell in early anaphase. The cell is expressing mCherry Tubulin which labels microtubules red and GFP-TPX2, a microtubule associated protein that binds to spindle fibers (yellow = green and red). At the lower left is a cell that is in telophase. the incipient daughter cells are connected by a midbody, a bundle of microtubules. TPX2 does not label the middle region of the midbody, only the flanking microtubules. 100x

Spinning Disc confocal system technical details

  • Laser lines available: 488nm and 561nm suitable for imaging GFP, RFP, mcherry, and Cy3 conjugated antibodies..
  • Mercury arc lamp available for wide field epi fluorescence imaging
  • Dichroic filers available:
    1. CFP
    2. GFP
    3. RFP or Cy3 conjugated antibodies
    4. DAPI for nuclear staining

Single Molecule Imaging: Custom-built PALM/TIRF system on a Nikon Ti system running Elements imaging software

Image shows a super resolution of microtubules taken with the new PALM system.