Life After UMass

A BMB degree prepares you for opportunities in a wide range of fields including graduate programs in biochemistry, molecular genetics, immunology, pharmacology, virology, physiology, and nutrition; it also prepares you for medical, dental, pharmacy and optometry programs in professional school. If you are interested in entering the workforce right after graduation, your options include positions with biotechnology companies, the food industries, clinical laboratories, scientific equipment suppliers, the government, universities, and medical laboratories.

Need some guidance on choosing a career?

Talk to someone at UMass Career Services or the CNS Career Center.

BMB Alumni Evisors

Evisors is a software platform that connects students with alumni for advice on resume writing, interviewing, career options, etc. Visit the UMass Alumni Advisor network to take part in the program.

Thinking about applying to grad school?

Talk to your advisor for suggestions and check out: