Peer Advising

BMB Peer Advisors are upperclassmen majoring in Biochemistry who are able to answer and resolve general advising questions. They work particularly with students new to UMass and to the major.

Who are the BMB Peer Advisors?   

Headshot of Boula on a snowy day, smiling          Headshot of Anish in a nice suit, smiling

               Boula Estafanous                                           Anish Shah

How can I meet with a BMB Peer Advisor?

Visit them in LGRT 912 during their drop-in hours, or email with your questions.

Ask them about:

  • Degree requirements for BMB
  • Course prerequisites
  • Advanced Electives
  • How to get into a research lab
  • Choices for Gen Ed classes
  • Use of SPIRE

Fall 2023 Office Hours TBD