Academic Advising

Valerie Miller and Emelia Cooper, Academic Advisors

Headshot of Valerie Miller 

Office: Lederle Grad Research Tower (LGRT) 914 and 916

Valerie and Emmy are your primary advisors and will be overseeing your progression through the BMB major. They are available to provide guidance on course selection and can help you resolve any academic issues that you may encounter.

Ask them about:

  • Course registration help
  • Advising holds/registration holds
  • CHC requirements for Departmental Honors
  • Senior year in Absentia
  • Five College coursework/courses taken at other institutions
  • BMB course overrides
  • Study abroad/domestic exchange opportunities
  • Managing academic challenges and/or personal difficulties
  • Declaring BMB as a Major/Minor
  • Clearance for Graduation

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Dr. Amy Springer, Chief Undergraduate Advisor

Headshot of Amy Springer

Office: Lederle Grad Research Tower (LGRT) 918

Dr. Springer is your Chief Undergraduate Advisor and can help with specific advising concerns, including approval of transfer courses, requirements for the major, applications for scholarships, and career or internship planning.

Ask her about:

  • Questions about prerequisites and degree requirements
  • Approval of transfer courses and advanced electives
  • Scholarships/internships/graduate school/independent study
  • Managing academic challenges and/or personal difficulties
  • Matching interests and career options

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