Advising in BMB

BMB wants you to be successful here and beyond! We have multiple advising resources available to help you navigate the process of completing your degree. If you are unsure of whom to contact, please email with your questions.

Peer Advisors

BMB Peer Advisors are upperclass students majoring in Biochemistry who are able to answer and resolve general advising questions. They work particularly with students new to UMass and to the major.

Ask them about:

  • Degree requirements for BMB
  • Course prerequisites
  • Advanced Electives
  • How to get into a research lab
  • Choices for Gen Ed classes
  • Use of SPIRE

Office: Lederle Graduate Research Tower (LGRT) 915


Fall 2019 Walk-in Hours TBD.  Walk-ins welcome!


Valerie Miller, BMB’s Academic Advisor

Valerie is your primary advisor and will be overseeing your progression through the BMB major, providing guidance on course selection, helping you resolve any academic issues that you may encounter, and clearing you for graduation.

Ask her about:

  • Course registration help
  • Advising holds/registration holds
  • Senior year in Absentia
  • Five College coursework/courses taken at other institutions
  • BMB course overrides
  • Study abroad/domestic exchange opportunities
  • Managing academic challenges and/or personal difficulties
  • Declaring BMB as a Major/Minor
  • Clearance for Graduation

Find her in SSC under:

  • BMB - Academic Plan
  • BMB - Biochem & Molecular Bio (only for non-majors)
  • BMB - Course Selection
  • BMB - General Advising
  • BMB - It's Personal
  • BMB - Study Abroad Advising

Make an appointment with Valerie Miller

Office: Lederle Grad Research Tower (LGRT) 914



Amy Springer, BMB’s Chief Undergraduate Advisor

The Chief Undergraduate Advisor can help with advising specific to course content and opportunities in the major, including approval of transfer courses, requirements for the major, applications for scholarships, and career or internship planning.

Ask her about:

  • Questions about prerequisites and degree requirements
  • Study strategies and planning courses of study
  • Approval of transfer courses and advanced electives
  • Scholarships/ internships/ graduate school/independent study
  • Managing academic challenges and/or personal difficulties
  • Matching interests and career options

Find her in SSC under:

  • BMB - Career Advising
  • BMB - General Advising
  • BMB - Grad School Advising
  • BMB - Professor Office Hours (only for students in Dr. Springer's courses)
  • BMB - Study Abroad Advising

Make an appointment with Amy Springer

Office: Lederle Grad Research Tower (LGRT) 918



BMB Faculty

BMB faculty will be available during weekly office hours and for appointments to discuss opportunities for applying your BMB education outside the classroom. Build a relationship with one or more BMB Faculty, and they can become a resource for your future academic and professional pursuits.

Ask them about:

  • Internship opportunities
  • Graduate school applications
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Career planning  

Find the contact info for BMB Faculty on our Faculty & Research page.

Make an appointment with a BMB faculty member


CNS Advising

Please contact CNS Advising for the following:

  • Credit Overload Petition
  • 10 Semester Hold 
  • Suspension/Academic Warning/Dismissal
  • Pre-med/Pre-dent/Pre-health

Office: Morrill II 220

Phone: (413) 545-1969