Lab Maintenance and Repair Requests

The BMB Operations ticket system allows users to submit help requests and report Laboratory Maintenance and Repair Requests. It allows both requesters and departmental staff to track any actions that have been taken to resolve an issue and to determine its status.

If there is an issue requiring immediate attention, such as a water leak, call Cole Tucker at 545-4034 or, if you cannot reach him immediately, call Facilities Work Control at 545-6401.

If there is a health or safety issue not requiring the fire department or an ambulance, such as a chemical spill or a strong odor detected, call Environmental Health and Safety 545-2682.

In either case, be sure to also let Cole Tucker know, even if the issue occurs after normal working hours, so that he can follow up.  Either call him at 545-4034 or submit a help request (see below).

For all other Lab Maintenance and Repair Requests issues, create a help request:
Send an email including describing the problem, its location and the level of urgency to:

As soon as your request is read and logged in, you will be notified by email.

To check on the status of a request go to:
and log in with your LDAP account information. In the left-hand column on the screen, click "Open Tickets" to see a list of all your unresolved requests. You can also click on "Closed Tickets" to see your history of resolved requests. (Don’t have an LDAP account? Fill out and submit this form.)