Sergey Savinov
Extension Associate Professor
LSL 465
(413) 577-0548
Drug discovery/development, management of compound libraries, cheminformatics, molecular modeling
Background and Training

PhD: Yale University
Postdoctoral training: University of Pennsylvania & Pennsylvania State University

Research Summary

High-Throughput Screening (HTS) is a pharmaceutical industry standard for the discovery of drugs with new or improved properties that is now increasingly being implemented in academic settings as well. Miniaturization of bioassays and development in sensitive and rapid detection instrumentation permit thousands of compounds to be assayed for a desired function in vitro, in cellulo and even in vivo, while reducing the costs to the researchers. When integrated with modeling and/or cheminformatics, the number of compounds that needs to be evaluated could be reduced significantly by in silico methods to make screening a reasonable and, yet, powerful option for chemical probe/drug discovery in an academic setting, where resources could be limited.

As a liaison between the Small Molecule Screening Facility at UMMS and the UMass Amherst campus, I intend to identify venues for complementary and mutually beneficial collaborations and thoroughly assist in their implementation. Toward this goal, I plan to acquire and curate a 100,000-compound library that can be formatted for both drug discovery and drug development needs of UMass researchers. In addition, I am offering integrated cheminformatic and computational modeling services for the purpose of discovery and further elaboration of discovered chemotherapeutics. Specifically, I plan to assist researchers across campus with thorough analyses of HTS results and various associated computational needs, including cheminformatic, modeling, docking, and dynamic simulation methods.

Figure 1. Integrated tools for the discovery/optimization of cellular probes and drugs


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