Message From the Director, Jonathan Wynn

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BDIC Interim Director Jonathan Wynn
BDIC Interim Director Jonathan Wynn

Hello everyone!

As interim director for BDIC since January, I have come to know the program well. I am continually in awe of our BDIC students.

In May, we had a fantastic graduation ceremony, where we celebrated almost 160 graduates. In the Campus Center Auditorium, faculty, students, and their families and friends gathered to cheer on the new graduates. Associate Dean Alexandrina Deschamps, Assistant Director Linda Roney, and I all gave speeches. We had an amazing guest speaker: alumna Megan Kolb (BDIC 2009, Concentration in Performing Arts Management, and former BDIC peer advisor). Megan spoke about her work as the director of programs for American Theater Wing, and how her major led her to her current dream job.

Before Professor Deepika Marya and I gave medals to each graduating senior, there was a presentation of peer advisor awards given to Rachel Clogston, Jillian Manalang, Nicole Miller, Ivy Noonan, and Gabrielle Sobolewski.

Please take a look at our videos from the ceremony, and, and share them via social media!

We are in a great moment at BDIC. We continue to be a destination for students who want to design their own majors, ask and answer their own questions, assemble inventive interdisciplinary programs, and blaze their own paths. One of my favorite facts from our graduation event is that this year we had more students graduating than we had majors in 2013.

As you well know, BDIC has a long tradition of housing and nurturing interdisciplinary programs to have them stand on their own. In this incubator role, we have launched Legal Studies, Social Thought and Political Economy, Computer Science, Public Health, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. We are excited to have informatics, the most recent BDIC track, stand on its own as a major within the College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS). We are sad to lose around 90 students. However, we are proud to have this program ‘graduate.’ With informatics leaving, we will develop new tracks, perhaps in music business and fashion.

Looking ahead, we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2020. We are not quite sure what we are going to do, but I plan on convening faculty and student steering committees to help us plan for the event.

We will have a new website soon as well. I would like to encourage you and your friends to look us up on Facebook and be in touch via LinkedIn.

We look forward to hearing from you!