Erica Rothschild - 21st Century Leader Award

Erica Rothschild (BDIC 2012, concentration "Social Justice Education and Conflict Resolution") was one of 13 graduating seniors to receive this year's University's 21st Century Leader Award (the highest undergraduate honor awarded by UMass Amherst).

Erica writes about the goal of her studies through BDIC...

"If at the heart of conflict lies miscommunication and power, my concentration aims to learn effective communication techniques to shift power.  In studying social justice, I am delving into the depth of power inequalities that exist within today's society and coming out with skills to effect change.  My coursework will hopefully lead me to develop curricula for conflict ridden areas to engage in in-and-out of classroom experiences that provoke critical thinking about their 'other' and how they are empowered to create a different future."

Erica's goal is to live in Israel and implement her curricular goals in the schools there, "focusing on positively learning from the diverse identities of Israeli citizens."  She writes that BDIC "has allowed me to take ownership of my own education, and I have loved every single moment."