Adam O'Neill - Broga CoFounder

Adam O'Neill (BDIC 2010, Concentration "Environmental Economics & Entrepreneurship") is engaged in the active entrepreneurial scene in the Boston area.   Adam writes that "I love the entrepreneurship world.  While at UMass and since, I've been involved in various capacities in 5 different startups. I've learned so much about business, marketing, finance, relationship-building, self-management, teamwork... and so many other intangibles. I learn a lot every day, even as I'm implementing the things I learned the day before." 

Amongst other projects, Adam is the Co-founder and President of
Broga, a start-up company which runs yoga classes that are "geared for guys, but open to all." Broga has received considerable press attention, including this feature on NPR's "Only A Game" sports show.  Broga's mission is to is to "offer men real tools for coping with daily stresses and demands through an accessible yoga-based fitness program taught from a man’s point of view. Broga is for every “body,” from the beginner yogi to the professional athlete."