Senior Summary

The final graduation requirement for BDIC majors is to write a Senior Summary that documents your progress through your BDIC career. 

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In your final semester in BDIC you will compile a reflection piece called a Senior Summary. The summary consists of multiple components and documents. Not only will your summary serve to help you assess your self-designed major, but also it will be something that you can show employers/graduate schools to illustrate your initiative and creativity.


The BDIC Department will submit Senior Summaries to your sponsor and supervisor for review and approval via DocuSign. Students do not need to acquire signatures prior to submission.

Senior Summary Cover Sheet


You will submit a one-page Abstract, describing your major in a paragraph and listing your 12 BDIC classes and any other relevant courses.  Please put the name of your concentration on your abstract, as well as on the written statement.

Senior Abstract Template


In the written statement you will discuss your interdisciplinary journey through BDIC, how you “connected the dots” while creating an individualized major. Your statement should be at least 3-4 pages long and be double-spaced. You should address the following in a cohesive way:

  1. What were your goals or intentions in creating a BDIC major? To what extent did you reach your goals and intentions?
  2. Which areas of focus did you bring together in order to forge your major and how did you combine them (give specific examples)?
  3. Describe your experience in your most memorable BDIC classes. This is an opportunity to provide critical feedback.
  4. Give some examples of work you completed, such as papers, projects, videos, etc, that illustrate the connections you have made between disciplines.
  5. What are the most important things that you learned/gained from your major and the process of creating it?
  6. What skills have you developed that you might not have developed in a traditional major and what can you now contribute to the world as a result?
  7. What are your plans for the future and what is the relationship between your future plans and your BDIC concentration?

3a) WRITTEN STATEMENT Film Studies: 

Refer to this link for information regarding the Film Studies written statement.

4) ATTACH BDIC Curriculum:

BDIC curriculum, up-to-date and complete, request from the BDIC Department. BDIC will not accept Senior Summaries that do not include a completed curriculum (all 12 course and 36 credits). If your curriculum is not complete, submit the Change to Concentration in time to meet the Senior Summary deadline.

5) ATTACH UMass Unofficial Transcript

Download unofficial transcript from Spire.


The graduation dates each year are in February, May and October. 
The due dates are:

  • November 1 for February graduation
  • April 1 for May graduation
  • September 1 for September graduation

Submit all forms electronically to
The BDIC office will collect signatures electronically from your supervisor and sponsor via DocuSign. 

Special Info – Graduation is not guaranteed upon completion of senior summary and abstract. Final grades will determine graduation status. 

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