Info for BDIC Majors

What do you need to find?

The pages in this section point to resources you'll need as you make your way through the BDIC major.

• Advising - Visit this page for information and instructions about making advising appointments.

Forms and Documents - Do you need to make changes to your concentration?  Do you want to be a BDIC Peer Advisor?  Do you want to apply for a research or travel grant from BDIC.  The BDIC Program has forms for everything and this is where you'll find them.

 Scholarships - Visit this page for information and instructions about BDIC applications for scholarships through Academic Works.

Senior Summary - The Senior Summary is the final graduation requirement for most BDIC majors.  This is where you'll find the instructions, format and submission dates for the Senior Summary.

• FAQ - Frequently asked questions for current BDIC majors.  If there is a topic you think should be addressed in this list, which isn't, please send your suggestion to

• Academic Dean's Office - Academic Deans deal with requests for exceptions to University rules, such as credit overloads, late adds & drops, as well as with more serious issues like academic probation.  Contact the BDIC office for information on contacting the academic dean.


Interested in Sustainability?

The topic of the environment and sustainability is becoming a hotter topic with each passing day. If you're interested in sustainability as your concentration or just in learning more about what's happening with sustainability, you should check out this site created by a fellow BDIC student. John Gerber has set up this informative page as a guide to help students interested in looking for courses to a Sustainability Studies Major.