BDIC will be accepting applications for scholarships through the new Academic Works online system beginning in January 2018.  The Academic Works system takes data from SPIRE and answers to a series of applications to automatically apply you to scholarships that you are qualified for.  The system will also suggest additional scholarships for you to apply to.  To access the Academic Works system, please visit the following URL:

In order to be considered for BDIC scholarships, you must fill out the Academic Works general application, and the Commonwealth Honors College application (BDIC is a department in Commonwealth Honors College).  The Commonwealth Honors College application will automatically apply you to the following BDIC scholarships if you are qualified:

Dempsey Opportunity Scholarship for BDIC (A scholarship founded by a 1974 BDIC alumnus to support the academic work of BDIC students)

Maia Felisse McDermott Memorial BDIC Scholarship (Founded by the family and friends of a class of 2010 BDIC student. The scholarship recipient will be a person who can demonstrate that their studies and post-academic work will benefit and inspire others.)

Lewis C. Mainzer Award (Intended for a student who demonstrates interdisciplinary thinking by combining arts or social sciences with other disciplines.)

You will have the option to apply directly to the following additional scholarship for BDIC students:

BDIC Go Get the World Scholarship (A scholarship intended for a BDIC student who has been involved with at least two extracurricular activities (or sports) and has a great idea they would like to implement. Applicants are required to answer a series of essay questions in their application.)

Questions? Please contact Karen Dionne at or 413-577-0721.