Scholarship Recipients


Every year, BDIC students are top recipients of the university’s most prestigious scholarships.



Phoebe Gelbard ’20
Sustainable Systems

Phoebe Gelbard 


Faith Bertrand ’21
Human Biology and Health Promotion

Faith Bertrand 




Benjamin Goldman ’21
Clinical Aspects of Virtual Reality

Goldman just started working as a medical scribe at Tufts Medical Center Community Care in Medford, Mass. and absolutely loves it.

Benjamin Goldman 


Tallulah Kilroy ’22
Music Industry

“In the future, I would love to work in the music industry. My biggest interest is music supervision, but I want to gain experience in artist management and touring as well! Above all, I hope to make the music industry more inclusive and encourage women interested in this field.”

Tallulah Kilroy 



Jeremy Charles Paradie ’20
Creative Mechatronics

Timothy Scalona ’20
Policy, Journalism


AnnMarie Marquis ’21
Immunology and Immuno-engineering

AnnMarie Marquis 


Carly Longman ’21
Romance Language and Interpretation

Host Country: Brazil

“After spending my undergraduate career studying communication in its various forms, I have been granted the opportunity to continue my time abroad as an English teaching assistant in Brazil. As a member of the UMass Amherst’s International Scholars program, I studied in Paris and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and completed supplementary coursework that exposed me to my unique positionality as an American student. It is with these experiences in mind that I will undertake my Fulbright grant and work toward my goal of increasing language access and aiding in the English language acquisition of my Brazilian students.”

Carly Longman 


Lily Tang ’21
Global Studies

Lucia Nicastro ’21
Agricultural Business


Patrick Scanlon ’22
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Phoebe Lasic-Ellis ’23
Community Perspectives in Trauma and Emergency Care

Phoebe Lasic-Ellis 


The BDIC program is proud to announce the official recipients of the prestigious Dempsey, Go Get the World, Maia Felisse McDermott Memorial, and Lewis C. Mainzer Creativity awards. These are all awards created and funded by BDIC alumni and supporters of the program.


The Dempsey Award was created many years ago by BDIC alumni John Dempsey. This is a merit-based scholarship given to students to enhance their educational experience by awarding funding for internship and study abroad experiences.


Eva Trainer ’22
Film Studies

Eva Trainer is majoring in film studies. Trainer is planning on utilizing the Dempsey Award to go abroad in the summer of 2021.

Lily Tang ’21
Global Studies

Lily Tang is majoring in global studies and used the Dempsey Award to go abroad in the spring of 2021. Tang also interned at the Public Policy and International Affairs Program at Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she conducted nonprofit work to benefit her educational experience.

Lily Tang 

Paolo Brandon ’22
Design Theory and Practice

Paolo Brandon is majoring in design theory through the BDIC. He utilized the Dempsey Award to complete an internship at Gedaking, an organization in Essex, Vt., that supports vulnerable Indigenous peoples in the Northeast. Brandon incorporated his design theory major into his internship by positioning himself to be of aid in connecting people with resources to better their lives. Brandon also plans on studying abroad in the future.

Paolo Brandon 

Tamar Stollman ’22
International Relations from a Global Perspective

Tamar Stollman is majoring in international relations from a global perspective. Stollman used the Dempsey Award to complete an internship at JStreet, a political advocacy group in Washington D.C. which lobbies for the American government to stop supporting Israeli occupation of Palestine. JStreet instead supports a pro-peace two-state solution.

Annie Lawrence ’22
Digital Media Marketing for the Arts

Annie Lawrence is majoring in social media marketing for the arts and has used the Dempsey Award to support three impressive internships in western Massachusetts: In Sunderland, at North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens; in Goshen, at Three Sister Sanctuary; and in Easthampton, at Cityspace.

Mingwei Chen ’21
Computational Social and Decision Sciences

Mingwei Chen is majoring in decision theory and science through BDIC. Chen used the Dempsey Award to complete an internship abroad through CET Academic Program in Taipei, Taiwan. This is an intensive Chinese language study abroad program with an internship component taken for academic credit. Chen studied through the program at National Taiwan University’s International Chinese Language Program.


Chase Bezonsky ’23
Ancient Political Philosophy

Bezonsky will be interning at the U.S. mission to the United States Nations in New York this summer, under Anca DiGiacomo in the UN Management and Reform Section, and assist permanent staff in their duties as delegates to the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly.

Maia Fudala ’22
The Historical Roots of International Relations

Fudala will be working this summer as a museum assistant at the Porter-Phelps-Huntington House Museum in Hadley, Mass. The Porter-Phelps- Huntington House was built in the 17th century and passed down more than 300 years through the same family. Fudala will be processing archives from this family.

Jeanne Grutchfield ‘23
Film Studies

Grutchfield will be interning this summer at the Peace Development Fund in Amherst, Mass. They will gain experience in grant writing, and will help create promotional videos to develop a media presence for Peace Development Fund combining their interest in the nonprofit sector while learning skills that can be applied to the documentary film industry.

“BDIC scholarship money allowed me to take a summer class on writing for TV which I am loving! My plan after graduation is hopefully joining an MFA Screenwriting program!”

Jeanne Grutchfield 

Shrusti Marfatia ’23
International Nonprofit Management, International Relations, Social Justice

Marfatia is an intern with MASSPIRG working on various environmental campaigns. Marfatia is working towards a dual degree in BA-BDIC and BS in public health.

Alliyah Sharpe ’21
International Relations

Sharpe has interned with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Massachusetts Trail Court and has been a part of the International Scholars program, UMass Women into Leadership, and attended the SBS in D.C. program.

Jacey Woods ’22
Humanistic Education Design

Woods is pursuing a summer civic education internship with iCivic, a national premier civic education provider founded by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, to further Woods interest in finding creative ways to educate students about civics and their power as citizens to make social change.

“I am currently interning at Massachusetts Jobs with Justice this summer, and am looking forward to resuming my position as an Education and Training Coordinator at the Center for Education Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) when I return in the fall as a senior. Both of these positions build off my studies at UMass, my BDIC in Humanistic Education Design (Education, Communication, and Psychology) and my secondary major in Social Thought and Political Economy. It’s been great working on education design projects as well as political education and advocacy in the community, something I hope to continue working at a social justice nonprofit or community organization when I graduate. I also have to thank the generosity of the Dempsey Opportunity Fund for allowing me to take an unpaid position this summer and for this learning opportunity. Excited to return back in the fall and continue my BDIC studies!”

Jacey Woods 


The Mainzer annual award was designed for a BDIC junior or senior. It is given to students who demonstrate exception thinking in the humanities or political sciences, and whose chosen interdisciplinary course of study reflects a breadth of interests and takes a creative approach in achieving its focus.


Liping Lin ’20
Advertising and Graphic Design

Lin is majoring in advertising and graphic design. This award is given to a student whose BDIC major reflects a wide breadth of interests, usually by combining arts and social sciences with other disciplines. Lin interned at Senior Living Residences in Braintree, Mass., working intently in the marketing department and assisting with digital advertising and employer branding, professional video and photoshoots, amongst many other graphic design tasks.


Tovya Goodwin ’21
Countercultural Design

Goodwin is majoring in counterculture design. This award is given to a student whose BDIC major reflects a wide breadth of interests, usually by combining arts and social sciences with other disciplines. Goodwin turned a volunteer position into a paid position with Perime, a publication for aspiring artists and clothing designers. She was a panelist for “Tell It Slant” Poetry Festival, has published in Jabberwocky literature magazine, and won first place in the Izzy Arbeiter Upstander Essay Contest. Goodwin is currently head curator of Perime Gallery, a gallery that reflects the work students, many of whom are in the LQBTIA+ or QTPIC communities.


The McDermott award was established in memory of Maia Felisse McDermott, Class of 2010, to support undergraduate students in the BDIC program who can demonstrate how their academic studies and the work they hope to do upon graduation will benefit and inspire other people.


Isabelle Domingos ’21
Religion, Diplomacy, and Geopolitics

Domingos is majoring in geopolitical studies. The Maia Melisse McDermott Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student each year who demonstrates that their work in the BDIC program will benefit and inspire people upon graduation. Domingos has excelled academically in BDIC. She studied abroad in Amman, Jordan in a CET Intensive Arabic Language Program. She has also completed an internship at USAID Middle Eastern Bureau on Ethnic and Religious Minority Groups.

Isabella Domingos 


Patrick Scanlon ’22
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Scanlon, in addition to being a BDIC peer advisor, founded a UMass community-based program, Level UP, for individuals who are driven in both business and life to meet. Scanlon has also pitched multiple venture concepts in the UMass Innovation Challenge.

“In terms of my current plans, I have started my own personal training business in the Amherst area. While operating that, I have also been working on a couple different startup concepts as well as preparing to graduate in the spring. My future plans are uncertain but between personal training, entrepreneurship, and self improvement, I know that wherever I end up will be exactly the position I am looking for in life”.

Patrick Scanlon 

Lucia Hughes, ’22
International Marketing and Communications

Hughes is planning to study abroad in Shanghai and create a daily blog of her experiences as an intern at different marketing and business firms in Shanghai with the hopes that other students, specifically minorities, will gain inspiration from her travels abroad.


The Go Get the World scholarship was established by a 1987 BDIC graduate who wants to support students with a vision for their future that does not fit within a major offered at UMass Amherst. It is intended for female students who are first generation and/or underrepresented on the UMass Amherst campus or who have transferred to UMass Amherst from a community college.


Madison Palmer ’22

Palmer is majoring in psycho-social biology through the BDIC program.

“My current plans are up in the air right now as I study for the MCAT and get ready for my thesis senior year! I will be continuing my work as a facilitator for The Body Project and beginning work with Horizons for Homeless Children (working with children with trauma). I will keep the BDIC updated on my future thesis plans as I work them out!”

Madison Palmer 


Ajijolaoluwa Laguda ’23
International Affairs and Justice

Jole Laguda is pursuing a dual degree student majoring in political science and BDIC global affairs and justice. Laguda’s bodacious dream is to be a judge on the International Criminal Courts tribunal, inspired by her BDIC concentration. Lagunda is currently the Membership Engagement Director of UMass’s new club, Leading Women of Tomorrow, and is a club member of Model UN.

“I plan to attend the UMass faculty taught study abroad class: Race, Communities, and Social Justice in Quito, Ecuador, this winter. I’ll be writing my Honors thesis on Globalization this year and have also declared Chinese as my minor.”

Ajijolaoluwa Laguda