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Peer Advising Appointments 

Peer Advising for prospective students, proposal writing students and current BDIC students. 
Drop-In at 350 Campus Center Way or Zoom: Peer Advising Hours

Advising Appointments for BDIC Majors:

Make an Advising Appointment

Chief Academic Advisor

If you are unable to find answers to your questions on the BDIC website, and have questions regarding general advising, study abroad, Independent Studies, Internships, graduation requirements, and Academic Dean petitions (credit overloads, late add/drops, academic probation).

Schedule an appointment with the Chief Academic Advisor, Rebecca Schwartz on Navigate.

  • BDIC Majors: select Navigate Services: BDIC - General Advising Appt.
  • Non-Majors* select Navigate Services: BDIC - Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration

*(For Proposal Writing Students, and for new inquiries AFTER you have met with a Peer Advisor).

Faculty Supervisors

For course planning, registration and concentration changes, please drop-in or schedule an appointment with your BDIC Supervisor.

Thomas Brashear-Alejandro ( BDIC Business and Entrepreneurship
Jarred Brinkman ( BDIC Supervisor and Proposal Writing Class Supervisor
Jacqueline Castledine ( BDIC Supervisor 
Barry Spence: ( Film Studies 

Need Assistance?
If no appointments are available or you have any trouble scheduling your appointment , please  email the BDIC Office at for assistance.