Major Requirements

BDIC Requirements:

  • 396P Proposal Writing Class
  • BDIC curriculum courses: 12 courses at 300-level or above and a minimum of 3 credits each
  • 350 Junior Year Writing or FILM-ST 375 (Film Studies only)
  • 494I Integration and Innovation
  • Senior Summary

The requirements for the BDIC major are as follows.

  • Acceptance of a formal concentration written during the student's enrollment in the Proposal Writing Class (BDIC 396P).
  • Completion of at least twelve related upper-division courses (numbered 300 or above) in the area of concentration, totaling a minimum of 36 credits and 12 courses, over a period of at least four semesters.
    1. Each class must be completed with a minimum grade of C.
    2. 9 credits maximum internships and independent studies combined (up to a maximum of 6 credits each).
    3. Courses must be drawn from three or more departments and can be from Five College courses, internships, independent study, domestic exchange or study abroad.
    4. The student should be enrolled in two BDIC courses (a total of at least 6 credits) each semester except in the case of part-time students.
  • Completion of BDIC 350- Junior Year Writing. This course satisfies the University's Junior Year Writing Requirement for BDIC. Students may also complete the Junior Year Writing Requirement in another major if taken prior to completing the proposal writing class.
  • Completion of BDIC 494I- Integration and Innovation. This course satisfies the University’s Integrative Experience Requirement.
  • Completion of the Senior Summary, an Abstract and 3-4 page written summary.  The core of the Senior Summary is a reflective essay that looks both back over your UMass career and forward towards your plans for the future.
  • Completion of all unversity general education requirements and of the foreign language requirement if the student's Faculty Supervisor determines that it is necessary.

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