Isenberg Course Request

Spring 2024 ISOM Course Request Form

(for BDIC majors and current BDIC Proposal Writing Class students)

ISOM manages BDIC course requests. Students will be notified when they are enrolled into their request. It is highly recommended that students enroll in an alternate course in case they are not enrolled into their requested course. ISOM will notify you if there is a course conflict and give you the opportunity to clear your schedule for ISOM course enrollment.

Isenberg Course Memorandum

  1. BDIC majors may include a maximum of four courses from the Isenberg School of Management in their BDIC program. This includes any courses numbered 301 and higher. Students will not be enrolled in any courses if they have not met the pre-requisite for that course.
  2. Being a BDIC major does not guarantee you admission to any Isenberg course.  BDIC students are not precluded from enrolling in Isenberg courses, but they have the same priority as students from non-Isenberg departments. 
  3. Isenberg professors will not accept the plea that you need a specific course for graduation, etc. any more than they would accept such a plea from one of the other non-Isenberg majors.
  4. Therefore, for each Isenberg course that you include in your BDIC proposal, it is your responsibility to list an alternative non-Isenberg course and be prepared to take it should you not be able to enroll in your first choice.  Alternative courses can be taken through Continuing Education, in another department at UMass, and/or at another college or university.  However, even at another college or university, the substitute courses must be outside that college or university’s management department.
  5. The following courses will not be accessible to BDIC students: Sch-mgmt 310, 312, 314, 315, 390A and 390S (which are any of the Sch-Mgmt communication courses), Marketing 412, Management 397A, or a capstone course such as Sch-Mgmt 494BI, Ht-Mgt 433, 444, 455, and SportMgt 494PI. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. BDIC majors who are enrolled into the Business Minor should self-enroll into the Business Minor courses on Spire and only use the BDIC Request form for non-Business Minor course requests. 

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