Interships are a great opportunity for BDIC students to gain experience in their area of concentration while receiving credit towards degree requirements. A maximum of 6 internship credits (equivalent to 2 classes) can count towards your 12 class/36 credit BDIC concentration requirement.  You are always free to go beyond this (and many BDIC students do), but the additional credits won’t count towards the requirement.

Internships are managed by Career Services:

How to do an Internship:

How Undergraduate Internships for Academic Credit Work

How Undergraduate Cooperative Education (Co-op) Works

Getting Started:

Getting Started for UMass Students HANDSHAKE

Directions for submitting and attaching files to Handshake

Field Experience Risk Acknowledgement Form


BDIC 398A Internship/Practicum

BDIC 498A Internship/Practicum

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