Independent Study

Download and complete:  BDIC Independent Study Form

Do you have an idea for an independent study?

An independent study offers a student an opportunity to pursue an independent topic of research under the supervision of a faculty sponsor for credit. Most independent studies are one semester, and can be 1 to 6 credits, but are typically 1 to 3 credits. Keep in mind, BDIC allows 9 credits maximum internships and independent studies combined (up to a maximum of 6 credits each). 

How to enroll into an independent study:

Find a faculty sponsor. This will typically be a faculty member from a course you have previously taken, or who's area of study aligns with your project. Review the following contract with your faculty sponsor, and complete and sign the contract. Submit the completed and signed contract to the BDIC Department for enrollment into the course.

Scope of independent study contract:

Learning Objectives: Briefly describe the general research topic and what you will specifically be examining. What skills or knowledge will you investigate? What do you hope to accomplish? How does this relate to your BDIC concentration?

Learning Activities: What will you do to acquire the knowledge and skills described above? Will you be performing scientific research, learning experientially, reading texts, or some other method of learning? Describe your methods, using details.

Resources: What types of sources [e.g. books, magazines, film, video] will you be using? If you know specific sources, list them here. Feel free to include non-traditional sources such as people or places.

Criteria for Evaluation: How will your faculty instructor be evaluating your work? How often will you meet with your advisor? What forms of written or oral work will you be responsible for? What progress will your instructor be looking for? Will an on-site supervisor be communicating with the faculty instructor on record?

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