IMPORTANT UPDATES March 21st, 2020


  • For any questions about graduation requirements, please schedule an appointment on Navigate with Linda. We are currently double-checking your requirements. and will let you know if any of you are lacking anything.
  • Please submit any curriculum changes to the BDIC email ( as soon as possible. You don't need your sponsor's signature. If you have already submitted changes please be patient if they haven't been updated on Spire. This will not prevent you from graduating.
  • Senior summaries are due by April 10th. You do not need your sponsor's signature, but please email them a copy to keep them in the loop. Instructions for summaries are on the BDIC website ( under "Forms." Please email to the BDIC email.
  • Please think about your titles and email any revisions ASAP to the BDIC email.

We sincerely hope we have a chance to celebrate your graduation with you at some point in the future!


Proposal Classes

  • Separate information will be sent out to proposal writing classes. Rough drafts of proposals are due by email to Linda Roney and cc'd to faculty supervisors and peer advisors by March 27th.
  • Final drafts are due by email to Linda and cc'd to faculty and peer advisors by Friday, April 17th.
  • There will be a grace period for those who have yet to find a faculty sponsor.



  • All registration advising will begin next week, March 23rd  and will be done via email or phone, whichever you prefer.
  • The course schedule should be available soon, and it is helpful if you look at it before "meeting" with an advisor.
  • Registration has been postponed a week to April 8th.
  • You can schedule an appointment on Navigate with your faculty supervisor to discuss class choices or concerns or to review your progress (their schedule is posted below. Please indicate in the appointment request whether you prefer a phone or email appointment. Link to Navigate.
  • For more serious concerns, for all graduating seniors and students with advising holds, please schedule an appointment with Linda Roney via Navigate. If you simply want to ask a question you can do that by emailing BDIC ( Someone will get right back to you.
  • The deadline to withdraw from a class is Wednesday, April 29th, and you can do that now on Spire.
  • To request Isenberg  or BDIC Junior Year Writing, go to the links on the BDIC website. For all other restricted classes in other departments, you will need to contact the instructor to be added. If adding Five College classes, check the Five College website for registration dates since their schedule is different from that of UMass.
  • We just want to reassure that we will be there, albeit virtually, to help you every step of the way!



Curriculum Changes For Non-Seniors

  • Please submit any curriculum changes for this semester (and those past) by May 5th if at all possible.
  • You can find the change form on the BDIC website under "Forms and Documents."
  • Please scan or take a clear picture, and email to the BDIC email address
  • You do not need your faculty sponsor to sign it, but you should email them and let them know about the changes and get any feedback they may have.


Dean's Petitions

  • All Dean's Petitions, including Late Adds and Late Withdrawals, IE Substitutions, Credit Overloads, and Change of Credit Petitions, will be done via email to Linda Roney
  • You can find the Dean's Petitions on the BDIC website under "Dean's Forms."
  • For late adds you will need the instructor's approval (emailed to Linda Roney
  • You will not need to submit the course change forms that you normally submit since the Dean (and ultimately the Registrar) will process your requests electronically.
  • If needing to submit a petition, it is a good idea to discuss it first with Linda Roney