Exploratory Track ET-INT

The Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track is for students who are considering combining study in several fields to create an individualized concentration that matches their interests, passions, and ambitions. Students will learn about the Bachelor’s Degree in Individual Concentration (BDIC), but also about other options for taking full advantage of existing majors, minors, and certificates. They will be introduced to knowledge and skills that will serve them well in college, careers, and life.


The University of Massachusetts Amherst recognizes that many incoming students would benefit from learning more about the many majors offered on campus that may be a good fit for their academic interests and ambitions.

The Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track (ET-INT) is intended for incoming first-year students who either want to design their own major or may want to design their own major (but aren’t sure yet). The Exploratory Track is an opportunity to explore options for students whose interests are uniquely interdisciplinary and whose academic pursuits cannot be accommodated by existing majors that fall within a single school or college.

Exploratory Track students will work closely with an Academic Advisor who will assist with course selection and major exploration. Students will be encouraged to explore areas of interest across all schools and departments at UMass. If students find that their interests are unique and require an interdisciplinary approach, their advisor will help them transition from the ET-INT to the Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration major (BDIC). Through the BDIC program, students will design their own majors. Or, if students realize that their interests can be accommodated through a major that falls within a school or college on campus, their advisor will help them transition into another college at UMass.

What is the Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration major?

The UMass Amherst undergraduate program, Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration, offers highly motivated and self-directed students the opportunity to design their own major. BDIC students earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science with Individual Concentration.

As an Exploratory Track student, how do I become a BDIC major?

Changing majors into BDIC starts with applying to the Proposal Writing Class, BDIC 396P. All Exploratory Track and UMass students are welcome to apply. Go to How to Become a BDIC Major to learn more about the application process.

What are the application requirements to apply to BDIC?

In order to apply you must have already completed, or currently be registered for, at least 15 credits of coursework and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. In addition to the application form, you must submit a transcript and a brief essay describing your intended area of concentration. The application deadlines are November 15 for spring semester and April 10 for summer and fall semesters.


To learn more about the Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track contact, Chelsea Warren, Director of Advising and Pathway Programs cwarren@uww.umass.edu

To learn more about Interdisciplinary Exploratory Track and BDIC, contact Rebecca Schwartz, BDIC Chief Academic Advisor rschwartz@bdic.umass.edu.