Change to Concentration

Use the Change to Concentration form to update your curriculum courses, or to change your title and/or sponsor.


Film Studies- CHANGE TO CONCENTRATION form via DocuSign

Instructions for submittal:

Step 1: Request your current curriculum from the BDIC office:

On the curriculum sheet, Highlight all courses to be removed.
DO NOT add courses or make any other changes to the curriculum sheet!  (This sheet will be uploaded to the DocuSign Form).

Step 2: Complete the Form, attach updated curriculum and Submit in DocuSign.

Step 3: Allow 5 to 10 days for review and processing, (or more during busy times).
You will receive notification from BDIC after your Changes have been reviewed and approved.

If you submit the Change form without the curriculum, please send it via email to the BDIC Office with the subject line: Change To Concentration- curriculum

Changes should be submitted each semester to keep your curriculum and academic requirement report up to date.  

Need Assistance?
Email the BDIC Office at