BDIC Learning Objectives

BDIC is an individualized and interdisciplinary program with certain general learning objectives that go beyond a student's specific area of concentration.

Interdisciplinary Learning

All BDIC students will learn to articulate a unique interdisciplinary concentration in their BDIC proposals. Students will explain in their proposals how they are crossing academic boundaries and developing creative paths of inquiry that connect different fields of knowledge. In the course of their studies, BDIC students should become accomplished interdisciplinary learners with a curiosity in several areas and a capacity to fuse the disciplines.

Career Development

BDIC students should also learn how to connect their intended career goals with their studies.  Again, this is required in the proposal.  But it is also an ongoing objective for each student to deepen his or her career vision and its relationship to academic study.  The program offers alumni forums and career advising sessions for this purpose.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

BDIC students should graduate with an understanding of the program's strong-track record in producing leaders and entrpreneurs.  The terms "leadership" and "entrepreneurship" themselves should be definable by all BDIC students.  The topics are covered in the proposal class and in BDIC special classes on entrepreneurship and leadership such as "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" and "Leadership and Networking."


Learning to explain what BDIC is, what one's individual concentration is, obtaining a faculty Sponsor, gaining entry into classes across the campus - all of this requires motivation and initiative.  BDIC students are expected to graduate with a sense of how to make the most of the resources of a large organization and how to negotiate one's way forward.  This can be summed up by saying that BDIC students will develop a capacity for self-advocacy.

Writing and Speaking

BDIC students are expected to develop their communication skills.  The BDIC junior writing seminar is devoted to this goal.  Students in the entrepreneurship and leadership classes will also have ample opportunities to exercise their writing and speaking skills.