Advising Appointments

If you are not a current BDIC major and are interested in finding out about BDIC, please call our main office at (413) 545-2504 to set up an appointment with a Peer Advisor.

If you are currently an enrolled BDIC Student follow these instructions to make an appointment with the appropriate Advisor or Faculty Supervisor:

Linda Roney, Chief Academic Advisor:

  • BDIC- General Advising Appointments
  • BDIC- Registration
  • BDIC- Dean’s Petitions
  • BDIC- Discuss Courses

Faculty Supervisor, choose Concentration Area:

  • BDIC- Business, Law and Economics- MJ Alhabeeb
  • BDIC- Entrepreneurship, Marketing- Tom Brashear
  • BDIC- Education and Human Services, Social Justice- Jean Forward
  • BDIC- Physical Science and Sustainability- Mark Hamin
  • BDIC- Social Sciences, Comm and Film- Marty Norden
  • BDIC- Natural Science and Biology- Skye Long

“Make an Advising Appointment” by logging in using your campus NetID and password. 
Make an Advising Appointment

Your optional comments, made when creating an appointment, will be saved as part of your academic records.

To Cancel an Appointment:

If you need to cancel an appointment that you have made, click on “Make an Advising Appointment” (below), log in, find your “Upcoming Appointments” on the right side. Open the appointment and find the “cancel” link.

Your advisor will receive notice that you have cancelled the appointment.

Need Assistance?

If no appointments are available or you have any trouble scheduling your appointment online, please call the BDIC Office at (413) 545-2504 for assistance.