Recent Alumni Fund Awards

A full listing is under construction.  Here is a sampling of Alumni Fund awards from Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.

In Fall, 2013 and Spring, 2014 a record number of scholarships and research grants were awarded to deserving BDIC student thanks to the generosity of alumni. In the Fall, BDIC awarded 10 scholarships and in the Spring, 43! We’ll be inviting alumni donors to visit campus for a thank you dinner sometime this year so they can meet their student recipients. The students are eager to meet you and share the exciting stories of their research and travel. 

Many scholarship recipients used their awards to travel abroad on exchange.  Ksenia Ryabin is using her award to study at University of Auckland in New Zealand. There she will be able to take more in-depth communication, business and media classes for her concentration in Integrated Communication and Design.  Zachary Hardy, whose BDIC concentration is entitled Writing in the Computer Sciences, is using his scholarship to study at the Oxford Summer Seminar Program in Oxford, England. 

Other recipients are using their awards to fund research projects or to work at internships which would not be affordable otherwise. Daniela Kucher, Contextualized Neuroscience, received an award to help fund her honors thesis research during summer, 2014.  Alex Bilodeau, Film Studies, is also using his grant to fund his honors capstone project.  For his project, Alex is writing and producing a multi-media theater production called “The Gender Fetish.”  Alex states, “Throughout history, art has provided a profound venue to investigate social issues and it is my hope that my production of “The Gender Fetish” will continue in this vein.” Arianna Moscone, Environmental Policy and Advocacy, was awarded a scholarship to do internship and research work in the Mae Caem District of Chaing Mai in Thailand with a group called GoEco. Arianna will “research rescued elephants as they are preparing to be reintroduced into their natural habitat.”  Arianna’s research will be compiled in her honors thesis.