BDIC Alumni

BDIC is hugely proud of our alums, and Alums have important roles to play!

First.  You are role models! Current and prospective majors are intensely interested in your careers.  How have BDIC alums fared in the world after graduating from UMass Amherst with their individualized degrees?  If you have a career story that would interest BDIC majors, please pass it along using our alumni update form.

Second.  BDIC relies on donations from alumni to enrich the BDIC experience for our majors, both individually and collectively. 

  • Individually - Alumni Scholarship Fund awards help BDIC majors participate in research, internships, conferences and all manner of activities related to their BDIC concentrations.
  • Collectively - Donations fund the projects of BDIC's Student Advisory Board which runs a series of events aimed at bringing BDIC majors together.

We hope you will consider making a donation to UMass Amherst in support of BDIC.