Student: John W. Michalski (M.S. stud.)
Faculty Supervisor: Alexander Schreyer
Project Type: Independent Study
Year: 2005

In 2005, the university launched a new NAAB accredited Architecture+Design program in the Department of Art & Art History. To promote the program and the newly offered M.Arch., a new website was created. Like any departmental website, this one featured faculty pages.

To complement the faculty office room number information (e.g. “Holdsworth 127”) visually, transparent 3-dimensional models of the respective buildings were created in which the office was shown as a red box.

The 3D-CAD software SketchUp was chosen for this task, since it allows for an intuitive creation of 3D geometry and provides the required visualization capability. All buildings were modeled rather coarse with floor slabs and walls only. Then all components were assigned a transparent material. Finally, the different views were exported as JPGs.

The images can be seen on the Architecture+Design website on the faculty pages. The following are some samples: