New BMATWT website
New BMATWT website

After a bit of work, we can now publicly present the new BMATWT site at UMass. As you have already noticed, our new site is now located at This is mainly due to technical reasons. If you reached this site through an old link, then please update your bookmarks.

There are quite a few new features on the new site worth mentioning:

  • You can now see our (more frequently updated) news on our homepage.
  • If you’d like to receive our news regularly, then you can subscribe either via RSS or by email.
  • Thanks to WordPress (our content management system for this site), you can easily search through everything using the search box in the top-right corner of every page.
  • Did I already mention that we have a shiny new slideshow on the homepage?
  • You can also print the pages in a clean and readable format.
  • Watch for more over the next while…

Please note that there may be some loose ends on this site that we will be fixing over the next few weeks. If you run into any problems or would like to comment on the new site, send an email to the webmaster (Alex).