At this beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, we at BCT would like to welcome all of our current and new students (back) to UMass! With the Design Building now starting to take shape and a new faculty member joining BCT, there are lots of interesting things happening these days. Let me elaborate on some of those:

IMG_9830As you may have seen, the (Integrated) Design Building construction site on Lot 62 (next to the Studio Arts Building) has reached foundation depth, which means that concrete is (finally) being poured. If you find yourself at the south end of campus, drop by the site and peek over the fence a bit. We also would like to invite all of our students and friends to the Construction Celebration that is being planned for October 16th, at which we will celebrate the new building with everyone, who made it happen.

Chao-Luna-XiaoWith the beginning of the academic year, we are also very happy to announce that Dr. Chao “Luna” Xiao is joining BCT as faculty member in sustainable construction management. She brings to UMass a thorough understanding of this exciting field and an international perspective based on her previous work and academic experience in both Texas and Shanghai. If you don’t see her as a teacher in BCT 353 or 550 this semester, feel free to drop by her office and help welcome her warmly to UMass.

Paul FisetteThe end of the last academic year also brought with it another retirement: Paul Fisette, former BCT Program Director, ECO Department Head, and lately Associate CNS Dean, decided that wielding a fishing rod and lounging on a beach is preferable to a desk at UMass. Not a bad choice! We wish him all the best for his very well-deserved retirement and thank him for all that he has done first for the BMATWT and then the BCT program.