Welcome back to UMass to all our undergrad and grad students! In addition to starting a new spring semester, our major news this time around is that we moved! BCT is now located in the Design Building (shown above) where we are roommates with the Departments of Architecture, and Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning. Therefore, when you are starting the new semester, keep the following in mind:

  • Most of our classes are now in the Design Building with DB 162 being our main classroom. Check Spire for room numbers and give yourself some time to find the new digs. The Design Building is located between Morrill and the Studio Arts Building.
  • BCT faculty and the program director are on the third floor of the Design Building. Just remember: “All the way up the great stair and then to the left.” That’s where you will find us.
  • BCT undergrads have a beautiful lounge area on the second floor overlooking the atrium (right next to the computer lab). That’s where the mailboxes and BCT bulletin board will be and where you can hang out anytime you like.
  • BCT grad students are now located in room 158 on the first floor.
  • There are many cool spaces in the Design Building that are yours to discover. Check these out: The café area (1st floor next to West entrance – not completed yet), labs and shops (1st floor, not accessible at this point), open computer room (DB 235), roof garden (3rd floor).
  • The building is still being finished and some things may not be working yet. Please be patient and allow for extra time for the first week.

Also, save the date: To celebrate our new building and the new roommates, we are having a pizza party with everyone from BCT, LARP, and Architecture on Monday, 1/23/2017 4:00pm – 6:00pm. Drop by and say hi!