At the tail end of this past Spring, the Faculty Senate and other administrative bodies approved a revised undergraduate curriculum for the Department of Natural Resources Conservation that included a name change for Building Materials and Wood Technology (BMATWT).  We are now:

Building and Construction Technology

We believe that this name change more closely represents the breadth of our instruction spanning: design, engineering, materials, construction management, economics, information technology, building science, energy conservation and efficiency, and green building that make up our curriculum.  The new name should raise the level of awareness of our program both on-campus and off for prospective students, employers, and others.

We are beginning to transition to the new name with new signage, website labeling, stationery etc.  This will be a long process. Final changes to course numbering and the degree title on students’ transcripts will not be in place until Fall 2010.

Current BMATWT students, who graduate after Fall 2010, will have the option to have their degree title remain as BMATWT or to file a “Change of Major” form to adopt the new Building and Construction Technology (BCT) name.  Note that as of now, only the name has changed and the curriculum remains the same.  We look forward to the transition to the new name and expect that our increased visibility will benefit students, the program and the University as a whole!


Dave Damery
Director, Building and Construction Technology