This summer, BCT is offering two CPE courses. These courses are available to everyone, there is no need to be already enrolled at UMass to take them. Follow the links below to learn more and enroll. For general information about our CPE courses, follow this link.

Both are offered during Summer Session 2 (7/10-8/18) and the last day to register is 7/14, Here are some details about both courses and the instructors:

BCT 320 – Intro to CAD in Construction and Architecture

Session: CS2 – CPE Summer Session 2 (7/10-8/18)
Meets: In-Person, TuTh 4-7 pm
Location: DB rm 260
Fee: in-state: $1,446 ($482/credit), out-of-state: $2,073 ($691/credit)
(3 credits)
Out-of-state rates will only be charged to out-of-state students who are currently enrolled in a non-CPE degree program. If you are a non-degree student, only in-state rates apply.

Instructor: Clark Piers-Gamble

This course provides an introduction into construction-related Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) tools. By using industry-standard software in exercises and projects, students gain the capability to model construction projects and create industry-standard architectural drawings.

BCT 597D ST – Sustainable Building and LEED Certification

Session: CS2 – CPE Summer Session 2 (7/10-8/18)
Meets: Online
Fee: $1,707 ($569/credit, 3 credits)
21093, Lecture 1

Instructor: Ho-Sung Kim

The LEED Professional Credentials indicate professional excellence and a strong depth of knowledge as well as practical understanding of the LEED Rating Systems and how they apply to the high-performance design and construction of the built environment. Preparing to take the LEED Green Associate and AP exams requires more than taking one course; it is a process that involves acquisition of disciplinary knowledge and understanding of complex building and environmental systems. This course introduces core concepts of the USGBC LEED Rating Systems and assists students with study and preparation for the LEED Green Associate exam.